Simeom Capital

Simeom Capital, business group

Simeom Capital SL is a business group made up of four companies: Vocces Lab, artiSplendore, Fabrilis Estudio and Bewor Tech.

Simeom Capital, parent company

Simeom Capital SL is a business group made up of four companies: Vocces Lab, artiSplendore, Fabrilis Estudio and Bewor Tech. These companies are specialized in:


ArtiSplendore: service of attention and management of cultural and tourist spaces.      

Vocces Lab: manufacture of technological solutions and systems for tourist visits in monumental and cultural spaces.      

Fabrilis Estudio: carpentry and cabinetmaking solutions, architecture and interior design and exhibition assembly.      

Bewor Tech: development of technological solutions for Human Resource management and preparation of training itineraries for companies.      

Vocation of helping our clients

The development of the gradual (but continuous) growth experienced in recent years is mainly motivated by a determined commitment to quality in customer service. A large part of what our customer service involves “always being there”. Without a doubt, it is something that characterizes us and that radiates from the management of the company to the team of workers.


We work every day with the vocation of helping our clients turn the daily challenges of their activity into tangible results.


The business group has also made a firm commitment to creating and developing its own product. Starting from the premise that if we are manufacturers our knowledge of the product is greater, that’s means that the speed of response and solutions multiplies its effectiveness towards the client.

The most important area is the people

Simeom Capital is, above all, a team of highly specialized people in the activity it develops. It consists of a management team with more than ten years of experience in the sector and an integrated multidisciplinary staff of more than 150 people made up of electronic engineers, software and computer engineers, art historians, graphic designers, journalists, creative websites, illustrators , photographers, project managers, cabinetmakers, architects … The four companies are united by their passion for good work, dedication to service and the desire to create the best solutions for our clients.


In our proposals, we offer a mix made up of management experience in more than sixty monumental and museum complexes in Spain and Italy and the effort of recent years in the development of solutions, systems and services that bring together innovation, efficiency, quality and flexibility.